Comprehensive Communications Strategy.  Andy offers experience developing comprehensive communications plans that get results. Whether your system needs to improve its public image, communicate with internal stakeholders, or open a pipeline with parents, Andy is prepared to design a plan that will help you move forward.

Data-driven results.  Andy knows how to make data work for you, your teachers, and your students.  Using a focused approach, Andy can identify key data for your system and help you use it to improve school leadership, teacher effectiveness, and student achievement.  Andy knows that collecting data is good, but making it useful is priceless.

Human Capital.  Andy is prepared to analyze your human capital systems.  Andy’s analysis and recommendations will help you recruit and retain the best teachers and strongest school leaders.  Andy is prepared to engage in contract negotiations, compensation analysis, recruitment campaigns, and retention strategies.  Finding and keeping the best talent is critical to making schools work.

Effective Advocacy. Andy has worked as a policy advocate at the local and state government levels in addition to his work in a state legislature.  He is prepared to design and implement grassroots campaigns, or simply act as an advocate for your system and its goals.

Policy Expertise.  Not only does Andy possess a Ph.D. in education policy, he has been immersed in public education as a volunteer at local schools and as the founder of a school funding advocacy group. He also co-founded and contributes to an online education policy news site.  Andy knows the education landscape – he  knows who to talk to and how to get things done. His policy reports can assist you in every facet of school system management.

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