Comprehensive Communications Strategy.  Andy offers experience developing comprehensive communications plans that get results.  Whether it is raising issue awareness or attracting members to your organization, Andy will work with you to develop and execute a winning strategy.

A PR Department at an Affordable Price.  Most non-profits can’t afford to hire a full-time PR staff.  But all organizations need to find ways to communicate with their core audience and the general public.  Spears Strategy gives you the personal attention of an in-house PR department at a price you can afford.

A Coaching Approach.  Andy has spent a lifetime coaching people to reach their full potential – from high school and college debate champions to top political figures in Tennessee and Kentucky.  Andy will bring a coaching approach to your PR needs to help you and your organization reach your maximum potential.

Effective Advocacy. Andy has worked as a policy advocate at the local and state government levels in addition to his work in a state legislature.  He is prepared to design and implement grassroots campaigns, or simply act as an advocate for your organization and its goals.

Human Capital.  Andy is prepared to analyze your human capital systems.  Andy’s analysis and recommendations will help you recruit and retain the best staff. Andy is prepared to engage in compensation analysis, recruitment campaigns, and retention strategies.  Finding and keeping the best talent is critical to making non-profits work.

Managing Crisis.  One of the scariest things for a non-profit is the unexpected crisis.  Andy specializes in helping business and political leaders manage crisis situations.  His experience makes him an expert in high-pressure, tight-deadline, crisis scenarios.  Andy will guide you through a crisis in a calm, professional manner that will minimize negative fallout for you and your business.

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