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Testing, Vouchers, and the 2018 TN Governor’s Race

One candidate for Governor of Tennessee is aggressively pushing expansion of publicly-funded vouchers to allow students to attend private schools. Additionally, businessman Bill Lee (R) is arguing local school boards shouldn’t have much of a say in the matter. From Tennessee Education Report: So, in Bill Lee, Tennesseans have a candidate for Governor who has […]

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Voucher Backers vs. Facts

As Tennessee lawmakers consider voucher bills again this year, it seems alternative facts are ruling the day. That is to say, facts simply don’t matter and are routinely dismissed in the name of achieving a goal that will most certainly be devastating for Tennessee schools and for students. Here are some thoughts from Tennessee Education […]

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Vouchers in Tennessee

Some recent stories on school voucher legislation in Tennessee, which is on the House Floor Calendar for debate (and possible vote) Monday evening. TC Weber’s Voucher Party Pro-voucher groups are spending a tonĀ  of $$ to get vouchers passed. What Tennessee Can Learn from Louisiana on Vouchers The Price is Right For more on education […]

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