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Testing, Vouchers, and the 2018 TN Governor’s Race

One candidate for Governor of Tennessee is aggressively pushing expansion of publicly-funded vouchers to allow students to attend private schools. Additionally, businessman Bill Lee (R) is arguing local school boards shouldn’t have much of a say in the matter. From Tennessee Education Report: So, in Bill Lee, Tennesseans have a candidate for Governor who has […]

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A Charter Conference and More Testing Trouble in TN

The National Charter Schools Conference visited Nashville last week and discussed advancing the movement. In a post at Tennessee Education Report I write about what wasn’t discussed: The point is this: The Tennessee ASD is hardly a success story. It’s a great story of PR spin and fun cocktail parties, but the actual results are […]

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5th Graders Offer TNReady Suggestions

A group of 5th grade students in Chattanooga offered suggestions on how to improve Tennessee’s failed TNReady test: The report was 14 pages and was mailed to Governor Bill Haslam in an attempt to influence the state’s decisions on testing going forward. This project, by the way, is exactly the type of project-based learning that […]

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Testing Trouble in Tennessee

Last week was a very bad week for the new TNReady test in Tennessee. First, the state’s Achievement School District announced it won’t take over any additional schools next year due to the transition to TNReady this year. Then, on Thursday, the state revealed that tests had not arrived at many districts across the state — […]

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This Week in Tennessee Education

This week, I’ve written quite a bit about what’s happening in Tennessee education. It is, after all, nearing the end of the legislative session and there’s a lot happening. From TNReady testing to revising the state’s school funding formula, key policy decisions are being made or will be made in the coming week. Here’s what […]

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What If They Just Didn’t Give the Test?

A school district in Tennessee weighs the possibility of not administering state-mandated standardized tests. From Tennessee Education Report: More than one Board Member raised the prospect of the district refusing to administer Phase II. The most forceful comments came from Jared Barrett: Board Member Jared Barrett agreed, but put it more vehemently. “I say we […]

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A Question of Validity

What I wrote about the TNReady troubles: This year’s TNReady-based TVAAS scores will be invalid. So will next year’s, for that matter. There’s not enough comparative data to make a predictive inference regarding past TCAP performance as it relates to current TNReady performance. In other words, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Or, pulling a […]

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Of TNReady and Craigslist

From WSMV: Some Tennessee teachers and parents are concerned about posts on Craigslist that appear to be recruiting people to grade achievement tests in other states. The company is the same one that developed TN Ready, but education officials claim Craigslist recruiting isn’t something happening here. On Craigslist, there are listings for bikes, boats, tickets, […]

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TNReady or Not

Tennessee’s move to a new, online assessment encountered problems on Day One as students across the state were unable to access the delivery platform. Here’s more on the challenges experienced in Tennessee: It’s campaign season and candidate after candidate is telling voters they are the clear choice because they will be “ready on day one.” […]

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