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Will Kentucky Teachers Strike

As Governor Matt Bevin and legislators consider plans to drastically reduce benefits, teachers consider options to resist, including a statewide strike. More from the Associated Press: Teachers have called lawmakers and packed legislative committee rooms to show their opposition. But Thursday was the first organized protest at public schools in front of parents and students. […]

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More Bad News on the Bevin Budget

The Prichard Blog breaks it down:   If teaching were rote labor, those cuts might not matter. If a diligent person could do the work just by following a list of instructions consistently, these reductions might be survivable. Teaching is the opposite. Teaching is supporting young minds, with varied gifts and diverse experiences, as they […]

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Bevin Budget Undermines Kentucky Schools

The Prichard Blog as been breaking down the Bevin Budget and the negative impacts it will have on Kentucky schools and colleges. This handy graph gets to the heart of the $308 million being cut from P-20 education in Bevin’s proposal:                         This is […]

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Bevin vs. Education

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is not a fan of higher education, so he’s cutting the budgets at all of Kentucky’s public colleges in his proposed budget. The Prichard Blog has more: That 2019 overall reduction comes in two parts. First, the line item for every school is cut. Second, the schools will have no opportunity […]

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Breaking Down Bevin’s Bad Budget

The team at Prichard Blog does a nice job of breaking down Matt Bevin’s anti-schools budget. It’s clear he’s not committed to investing in Kentucky schools or continuing the progress the state has made over more than two decades. $200 million in cuts. A big transfer of responsibility from state to local government. Local districts […]

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