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Trump’s Reverse Robin Hood on Education

From Carol Burris at the Network for Public Education: Trump’s budget would axe after-school programs known as the 21st Century Community Learning Centers which help school districts, churches and nonprofit groups serve more than 1.6 million American children, most of whom are poor. In defending the cuts to such programs, White House Office of Management […]

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Voucher Backers vs. Facts

As Tennessee lawmakers consider voucher bills again this year, it seems alternative facts are ruling the day. That is to say, facts simply don’t matter and are routinely dismissed in the name of achieving a goal that will most certainly be devastating for Tennessee schools and for students. Here are some thoughts from Tennessee Education […]

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In Defense of Public Education

Kansas State Representative Don Hineman offers his views on the latest attack on public education in that state. He’s standing strong against a voucher/subsidy program that would siphon up to $300 million a year from Kansas public schools. He writes:   Now a much greater threat to public education has been proposed as part of […]

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Vouchers in Tennessee

Some recent stories on school voucher legislation in Tennessee, which is on the House Floor Calendar for debate (and possible vote) Monday evening. TC Weber’s Voucher Party Pro-voucher groups are spending a ton  of $$ to get vouchers passed. What Tennessee Can Learn from Louisiana on Vouchers The Price is Right For more on education […]

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Louisiana, TN, and Vouchers

From TNEdReport: … now there’s a study of Louisiana’s voucher program. Instead of showing no impact or a slight positive impact, the study shows actual harms to students participating in the program. Specifically, the study, released by the National Bureau of Economic Research found: Attendance at a voucher-eligible private school lowers math scores and increases the likelihood […]

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A Systematic Attack on Public Schools

Last week, I wrote about the late session momentum and ultimate passage of legislation creating Education Savings Accounts for certain students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Following my second story in as many days on the topic, proponents of the accounts took the opportunity to “set the facts straight” on IEP vouchers. What I found […]

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IEP Vouchers in TN

Today, the Tennessee General Assembly’s House Budget Subcommittee passed an amended version of a voucher program for students with IEPs – Individualized Education Plans. The original bill would have provided an “education account” to the parent/guardian of any student with an IEP – $6600 to be spent on special education services, including schools, home schooling […]

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