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Tennessee Teacher Compensation

From TN Ed Report: In preparation for next year’s TNReady exams, it seems the Department of Education is already using some new math. While the General Assembly appropriated a $100 million increase in teacher compensation, an amount equivalent to a 4% raise, the Department is recommending that the State Board of Education adjust the state’s […]

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Money for TN Teachers?

During his February 9th State of the State address, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam announced a proposal to increase the amount of money provided to local school systems for teacher salaries by four percent. That doesn’t, however, equate to a four percent raise for every Tennessee teacher. Haslam is proposing to increase the pool of money […]

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A Pay Raise for TN Teachers?

The Governor is not sure yet. Tennessee Education Report has the story:   Basically, both Haslam and incoming Commissioner of Education Candice McQueen say they are committed to improving teacher pay, but make no commitment about a specific raise this year. Haslam does think he should be given credit for giving teachers raises early in […]

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Kentucky May See Teacher Pension Reform

The 2015 session of the Kentucky General Assembly may result in reforms to teacher pensions, including adjustments to future benefit payments and cost-of-living increases. Kentucky legislators will consider a number of plans designed to reform the state’s pension plan for teachers, the Courier-Journal reports. The Kentucky General Assembly has been tinkering with the pension plan […]

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Notes on Teacher Pay

This post is a summary of the writing I’ve done over time on teacher pay and on the importance of investing in and supporting teachers. Most recently, I wrote about Tennessee’s history of low investment in teachers. In this piece, I contend that while Tennessee policymakers often talk about teacher support, they also fail to deliver […]

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Low Pay, Unpleasant Working Conditions Create AZ Teacher Shortage

Arizona is struggling to find qualified teachers to fill a record number of vacancies. That’s the story today from the Arizona Republic. The paper reports that a number of districts have unfilled vacancies and are finding it challenging to hire qualified candidates for open teaching positions. The article points to a relatively low average starting […]

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Tennessee Governor Betrays Teachers

From Tennessee Education Report: Gov. Bill Haslam tweeted on October 3, 2013: “Teachers are the key to classroom success and we’re seeing real progress.  We want to be the fastest improving state in teacher salaries.” The first hint that being fast-improving might take some time came in the Governor’s 2014 budget presentation, when he proposed […]

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Winning the War for Teaching Talent

From Kentucky Education Report: Stu Silberman from the Prichard Committee turns over his blog at EdWeek to Ellen Behrstock-Sherratt who discussed the need for a War for Talent in Teaching. Sheratt argues that baby-boomer retirements and a growing focus on the importance of teacher quality mean states and districts must do more to improve the teaching […]

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The Value Proposition for Teachers

From Tennessee Education Report: Most research suggests that school-based factors account for roughly 50% of the impact on student achievement.  Non-school factors (home life, poverty, education level of parents, etc.) account for the other 50%.  Of school-based factors, a child’s teacher can impact up to 50% of student achievement.  That makes it the biggest school-based […]

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NC Teachers: It’s Bad News Calling!

Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post has a troubling story out of North Carolina about teachers receiving automated phone calls to alert them to the state’s new plan to award “merit pay” to the top 25% of the state’s teachers.  If you’re in the bottom 75%, no raise for you! The story comes by way of […]

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