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Of Vouchers and Regret

A former voucher supporter outlines his regret after seeing the evidence: Look, I truly believe that everyone wants to make sure that our students have an exceptional educational system and positive educational outcomes. I know that when the General Assembly created the voucher program, members believed it would help create better educational outcomes. The problem […]

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Experienced Teachers Left Behind in NC Pay Raise

Education Week reports that while North Carolina is making a move to raise teacher pay, the most experienced teachers there are being left behind: Lawmakers say teachers would see, on average, 4.7 percent pay bumps, as a result of the new budget bill. Officials estimate that the move would bring the state’s average teachers’ salary […]

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Someone Hasn’t Been Paying Attention

I thought about titling this piece: “K12, Inc. still sucks” but thought better of it. Then, I thought, K12, Inc. does, in fact, suck. So, I’ve put it right out there. Here’s the thing: While many states already realize K12, Inc. sucks because they have sucked at providing virtual schools in those states, North Carolina […]

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Public Schools, Private Profits: The Jeb Bush Story

Lindsey Wagner, of North Carolina Policy Watch, has a story today on the “Florida formula” espoused by Jeb Bush being exported to states around the country, including North Carolina. The formula includes adoption of vouchers — using public dollars to send kids to private schools as well as a move toward virtual charter schools. Wagner […]

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