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Stop Cuts to Public Education

A message from Carol Burris and the Network for Public Education:   We need you to contact your U.S. representatives today. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her favored school choice policies have faced fierce criticism, but this hasn’t stopped De Vos and Trump from pushing school privatization. A copy of the White House’s preliminary […]

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A Word on Community Schools

Metro Nashville school board member Will Pinkston shared a story today about the success of community schools. Here’s what he had to say: Friends: Think about a high-poverty, high-percentage English learner school system that’s expanding pre-kindergarten offerings, STEM programs, and community schools with wraparound supports for families. Sound familiar? Yes … That’s what’s happening in […]

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Wrong About Charters

Former charter school advocate Dave Hornbeck, who served as Maryland State Superintendent of Schools and Philadelphia Superintendent of Schools urges Kentucky to reject charter schools: I believe you teeter on the edge of undoing your success in considering House Bill 520. Regrettably, I speak from the perspective of experience. As Philadelphia’s superintendent of schools, I recommended […]

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When all else fails, go on TV

An online charter school in Ohio facing scrutiny from the state’s Department of Education has taken to the airwaves in the face of a battle over attendance records and funding. EdWeek has more: With the records in hand, if the state determines that students aren’t actually attending the virtual classes, it could cut back funding […]

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Attendance Audit May Close Online Charter in Ohio

I reported yesterday on attempts by an online charter school in Ohio to prevent an attendance audit for fear that the actual numbers related to student attendance would result in a significant loss of funding for the school. Today, that school is suggesting that if the audit proceeds, the school may have to close. From […]

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What They Don’t Want You to Know

This story out of Ohio demonstrates an online charter school attempting to block an audit that would determine how much time students spent on task. Why would they want to block such an audit? Because it could reduce the payments they receive from the state: Senator Joe Schiavoni is calling it their “Hail Mary” to […]

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Ohio Schools Fight Back

A story in the Vinton County Courier out of Ohio details how public schools in that state are fighting back against the financial drain on their districts caused by charter schools. The Vinton County School district has invoiced the state for $3 million, money it says was lost due to charter schools. Here’s more: For […]

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New Charter Standards in Tennessee

Recently, the MNPS School Board adopted the Annenberg Institute’s standards for the operation and oversight of charter schools. The measure passed by a 5-3 vote, with charter advocates suggesting the standards may not be necessary. As Nashville’s education community prepares for a proposed RESET of its conversation, it’s important to understand why standards like those […]

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Alabama Opens Door to Charters

The Alabama legislature this session gave approval to legislation that will allow the creation of up to 10 new charter schools a year and an unlimited number of charter conversions. As Alabama school districts consider whether or not to allow charters, they should consider a cautionary tale from Nashville. That is, the cost of charter […]

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