No Secret Key

The case for private school vouchers is built on the premise that private schools offer better opportunities for students — especially low income students who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend these schools. Recent data suggest otherwise. In fact, in a summary of four recent studies, Mark Dynarksi and Austin Nichols note: If the four studies […]

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A Beatdown for Brownback

NPR reports on the Kansas legislature putting Governor Sam Brownback in his place after his failed experiment in governing without money. Turns out, you can’t run government without revenue. The Kansas Supreme Court has already ruled the schools there are woefully underfunded and is requiring the legislature to pony up the funds necessary to properly […]

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Teaching, Politics, and Perspective

Dr. John Thompson offers some thoughts on the current difficult climate in Oklahoma for education and encourages teachers to both become more politically involved AND broaden their perspective. Thompson notes: Following the absurd last week of the 2017 regular legislative session, Oklahoma made the front page of The Washington Post for gutting education funding to […]

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Court Rules Against Flawed VAM Model

A Texas court has ruled against the use of value-added modeling in teacher evaluation saying the system used violates due process. Texas now joins New York as states where courts have found value-added systems used for teacher evaluation simply don’t stand up to scrutiny. Here’s more on the Texas case: Judge Stephen Smith of the […]

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Of Vouchers and Regret

A former voucher supporter outlines his regret after seeing the evidence: Look, I truly believe that everyone wants to make sure that our students have an exceptional educational system and positive educational outcomes. I know that when the General Assembly created the voucher program, members believed it would help create better educational outcomes. The problem […]

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A Letter for Betsy

Educator Patrick Kearney offers some thoughts on the Trump Administration’s proposed education budget: Your first budget for the Department of Education is out and it’s a doozy. You eliminate $1.2 billion from after-school programs that serve 1.6 million children, you cut $27 million in arts education, $12 million for Special Olympics programs, and eliminate a […]

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A Note from Lily

She wants you to email Betsy DeVos: It looks like Betsy DeVos hasn’t learned anything about our nation’s public schools in her first few months as Education Secretary. Later today, she’s unveiling her plans to cut billions of dollars in public education funding while diverting taxpayer dollars from public schools to unaccountable private schools via […]

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Notes on Teacher Tenure

Steven Singer offers a spirited defense of teacher tenure — here are his key points: 1) Tenure does not mean a job for life. It just means you have to follow due process before firing a teacher. Many other jobs have similar due process rights for their workers that they don’t call tenure. Unfortunately that […]

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Stop Cuts to Public Education

A message from Carol Burris and the Network for Public Education:   We need you to contact your U.S. representatives today. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her favored school choice policies have faced fierce criticism, but this hasn’t stopped De Vos and Trump from pushing school privatization. A copy of the White House’s preliminary […]

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A Job Anyone Can Do Isn’t Worth Very Much

Arizona is facing a teacher shortage and low pay is at least partly to blame. According to a recent report: Arizona’s elementary school teacher salaries rank “dead last” in the nation, when adjusted for cost of living, says (Dan) Hunting. High school teacher salaries come in at 48 out of 50 states, he says. Elementary school […]

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