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A Job Anyone Can Do Isn’t Worth Very Much

Arizona is facing a teacher shortage and low pay is at least partly to blame. According to a recent report: Arizona’s elementary school teacher salaries rank “dead last” in the nation, when adjusted for cost of living, says (Dan) Hunting. High school teacher salaries come in at 48 out of 50 states, he says. Elementary school […]

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Tell Congress: Protect Our Public Schools

From Carol Burris at the Network for Public Education: Because Congress is on recess until April 25, this week presents the perfect opportunity to talk to your representatives about public education. Here is the best way to do that. Take a moment today or tomorrow to find their local office (find Senate info here and […]

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Voucher Advocate Loses Big in Wisconsin

A pro-voucher candidate was soundly rejected in the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports: Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers sailed into a third term on Tuesday, easily defeating challenger Lowell Holtz to hang on to his post as the state’s top educator.  With most of the votes counted, Evers led […]

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Does Class Size Matter?

Yes! This may (should) seem obvious. A teacher can give each student more attention in a smaller class. But, education reformers often suggest that all that’s needed to “improve” schools is a few great teachers. Let those “great ones” teach MORE kids and see test scores soar. Wrong. I have a child in elementary school. […]

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A Word on Community Schools

Metro Nashville school board member Will Pinkston shared a story today about the success of community schools. Here’s what he had to say: Friends: Think about a high-poverty, high-percentage English learner school system that’s expanding pre-kindergarten offerings, STEM programs, and community schools with wraparound supports for families. Sound familiar? Yes … That’s what’s happening in […]

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Tell Congress: Stop Vouchers!

From Carol Burris and the Network for Public Education: Congress is now pushing the private “choice” agenda by extending the SOAR Reauthorization Act.  Reauthorization would fund and expand, with your federal tax dollars, the District of Columbia’s private school voucher program. It is time to shut this voucher program down. Send your email to your […]

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Trump’s Reverse Robin Hood on Education

From Carol Burris at the Network for Public Education: Trump’s budget would axe after-school programs known as the 21st Century Community Learning Centers which help school districts, churches and nonprofit groups serve more than 1.6 million American children, most of whom are poor. In defending the cuts to such programs, White House Office of Management […]

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Voucher Backers vs. Facts

As Tennessee lawmakers consider voucher bills again this year, it seems alternative facts are ruling the day. That is to say, facts simply don’t matter and are routinely dismissed in the name of achieving a goal that will most certainly be devastating for Tennessee schools and for students. Here are some thoughts from Tennessee Education […]

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Wrong About Charters

Former charter school advocate Dave Hornbeck, who served as Maryland State Superintendent of Schools and Philadelphia Superintendent of Schools urges Kentucky to reject charter schools: I believe you teeter on the edge of undoing your success in considering House Bill 520. Regrettably, I speak from the perspective of experience. As Philadelphia’s superintendent of schools, I recommended […]

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Thoughts on Cabinet Members

A series of statements on Cabinet members confirmed and supported by Tennessee’s U.S. Senators from Tennessee Citizen Action: On Steve Mnuchin: Now, the duo has voted to confirm the “Foreclosure King” as Secretary of the Treasury. Mnuchin is the consummate swamp dweller, working at Goldman Sachs and running a mortgage business that made millions foreclosing […]

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