Next to Strike?

After a 9 day strike in West Virginia led to a 5% pay raise and a commitment on health insurance, teachers in Oklahoma may be on the verge of a statewide strike.

More from the Washington Post:

School district administrators usually oppose teacher strikes. In Tulsa, however, public schools have been so strapped for cash that district leaders just pledged to support a walkout to try to get relief. And it looks as if Oklahoma could be the second state — following West Virginia — where every public school teacher walks out to push for better classroom conditions and higher pay.

A coalition of teachers, union and district leaders and others have been organizing to take action, and it seems likely that teachers will walk out statewide as early as this month.

In what may be a first in district-union cooperation, the Tulsa schools superintendent, as well as the presidents of the school board and the PTA council, on Monday night joined the head of the teachers union to pledge support for a Tulsa Board of Education resolution that supports “any steps necessary to improve conditions for our teachers — including a districtwide suspension of classes.”

As states across the country grapple with teacher shortages and under-funded schools, walkouts and strikes may become a more widely used tool to draw attention to the issue.

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