Charter Failure creates Nightmare for Students

I’ve written before about the struggling Ohio virtual charter school (ECOT) and their creative math. Now, that school has closed under the weight of their lies.

Jeff Bryant has more:

The failed Ohio online charter school, which operated for 16 years, likely cost the state over a billion dollars, estimates former state education administrator Bill Phills in the Columbus Dispatch.

The school got into trouble for inflating attendance at the outset, according to the article, while using an aggressive marketing campaign, with taxpayer dollars, to keep consumer interest high.

When a district superintendent reported some students in the online charter hadn’t received computers deep into the school year, weren’t required to report to a central computer lab, or could “go in once every 20 days, log on, do nothing and then go away for another 20 days,” few state leaders seemed to care. The superintendent surmised the lack of response was due to the generous campaign donations ECOT’s owner, William Lager, who grew rich from the school, gave to GOP politicians protecting them.

MORE on the devastating impact this massive failure had on students>

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