Bevin vs. Education

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is not a fan of higher education, so he’s cutting the budgets at all of Kentucky’s public colleges in his proposed budget.

The Prichard Blog has more:

That 2019 overall reduction comes in two parts. First, the line item for every school is cut. Second, the schools will have no opportunity to qualify for performance-based funding that could increase those line items. The 2018 budget included $42.9 million that could be (and now has been) distributed to schools based on selected measures of their results.

The Governor’s 2020 proposal makes two further changes. The budget lines for all the institutions are reduced by a total of $7.7 million, and a performance-based funding pool of exactly $7.7 million is added. In effect, the budget provides the same dollars, but with added pressure to change outcomes.

Read more about the $72 million in higher education cuts proposed by Bevin.

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