Attack on Teachers Leads to Shortage

Who knew attacking teachers by creating evaluation systems that insult their professionalism and robbing them of the protections of tenure would result in a teacher shortage?

It turns out, there’s new evidence to suggest that not only are these measures causing experienced teachers to leave, but also resulting in fewer people turning to teaching as a career.

Here’s more from Matt Barnum in Chalkbeat:

“We find consistent evidence that both implementing high-stakes evaluation reforms and repealing tenure reduced teacher labor supply,” concludes the paper, which controlled for a number of factors that might have affected the pool of teachers.

Matt Kraft, a Brown University professor and one of the study’s authors, said he thought changes to prevailing teacher evaluation systems were necessary, but warned they may have caused as much harm as good.

“In our effort to move towards a better direction, were the costs larger than the benefits? That’s quite possible,” he said.


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