Thoughts on Cabinet Members

A series of statements on Cabinet members confirmed and supported by Tennessee’s U.S. Senators from Tennessee Citizen Action:

On Steve Mnuchin:

Now, the duo has voted to confirm the “Foreclosure King” as Secretary of the Treasury. Mnuchin is the consummate swamp dweller, working at Goldman Sachs and running a mortgage business that made millions foreclosing on families in difficult circumstances. His appointment is not about “draining the swamp” as Mr. Trump promised, but about letting the swamp monsters run the show. Senators Alexander and Corker seem content to let anyone Trump chooses take positions of serious responsibility in the running of our national government.

On Tom Price:

Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker voted yesterday to confirm Congressman Tom Price as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Voting to confirm Price at HHS is like voting to allow the fox to guard the henhouse. It simply defies common sense and Tennessee values. Price has been an advocate of the “repeal and run” strategy for dealing with the Affordable Care Act. His “plan” would leave more than 500,000 Tennesseans without access to health coverage and would strip vital protections guaranteed by the ACA from all health plans.

On Jeff Sessions:

Jeff Sessions used his position as U.S. Attorney to prosecute civil rights workers in Alabama who were working to assist African Americans in voting. He’s expressed skepticism if not outright opposition to the Voting Rights Act. His track record reflects someone who does not support equal access to the ballot. Our organization has worked alongside allies from across the state to protect the vote. I’m disappointed to see Senators Alexander and Corker vote in favor of someone with such a troubling record on voting rights. Also of concern is the fact that both Alexander and Corker voted in favor of silencing Senator Elizabeth Warren as she read a letter from Coretta Scott King about Jeff Sessions. Silencing the truth doesn’t make it untrue.

On Betsy DeVos:

Watching Senators Alexander and Corker support and vote for Betsy DeVos is profoundly disappointing. Her track record on education indicates she’s not a supporter of public schools and her education reform experiments in Michigan have been devastating failures. During her confirmation hearing, she demonstrated a disturbing lack of familiarity with laws designed to protect disabled students while also suggesting she’d support ending federal gun-free school laws. Moreover, I’ve watched thousands of Tennesseans of all backgrounds come together and speak out against DeVos over the last three weeks. There were demonstrations at Senate offices in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Knoxville, and countless phone calls made. The people of Tennessee sent a loud, clear message of opposition to DeVos, yet Senators Alexander and Corker stubbornly persisted in their support. Today is a sad day for public education in our country. Tennesseans will not back down. It is unfortunate our Senators have chosen to support an unqualified, unprepared, and unimpressive individual to serve in a position of such importance. Even more disappointing is that they did so in spite of the wishes of their constituents.


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