When all else fails, go on TV

An online charter school in Ohio facing scrutiny from the state’s Department of Education has taken to the airwaves in the face of a battle over attendance records and funding.

EdWeek has more:

With the records in hand, if the state determines that students aren’t actually attending the virtual classes, it could cut back funding significantly–an action it has already taken with other online schools, such as the much smaller Provost Academy.

In response to a court order to hand over its records, the charter produced two ads that admonish state officials to “Keep your word” and “Keep ECOT Open.” The two spots have reportedly run across the state including in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland. Each features a student speaking directly to the camera, extolling the school’s impact on their lives.

The article notes that ECOT receives 88% of its funding from the state. It is not clear whether they used taxpayer dollars to pay for the ad campaign.

Rather than open up about attendance, they fought in court. And when they lost there, ECOT took to TV to tell a story. This smacks of desperation. If there’s nothing to hide, why fight so hard?

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