Why Do Veteran Teachers Lose?

Yesterday, I posted about how North Carolina is planning to leave veteran teachers behind when it comes to a new set of pay raises.

I also wrote about how Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) is planningĀ a new pay scale.

Here’s what’s interesting: Both efforts at raising teacher pay leave veteran teachers behind. While the NC plan is particularly egregious, the MNPS plan moves top pay for the most senior teachers up by just over $1200 while teachers at the 10 year mark see a $2400 increase.

Now, one might argue that over time, that increase at year 10 will mean higher earnings in the long run. But, what about the veteran MNPS teachers who have 25 or more years in? Don’t they deserve a significant bump in pay? And if you look at the scale, what’s to motivate someone to keep teaching in MNPS (or at all) after year 20?

The bottom line is that the value proposition for teachers isn’t that great, and pay plans like these don’t do much to help — in fact, they make it worse.

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