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The Importance of Teacher Pay

A new report out of the Brown Center reveals the stunning gap between teacher pay in the United States and that of countries around the world. As the author notes: The simple summary: Other countries make teaching a more financially attractive career for college graduates than we do. To be clear, the survey showed the […]

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Beyond Test-Based Accountability

Helen Ladd offers a proposal for moving beyond test-based accountability for schools and it is one that holds promise for providing a more comprehensive evaluation of schools. Ladd notes of the recently replaced NCLB: Finally, test-based accountability has had limited success even in raising student test scores. One careful study of NCLB finds small to […]

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Oklahoma says NO to VAM

A new Oklahoma law will take value-added measures out of teacher evaluations and allow teachers to create their own evaluation criteria. The move comes following an organizing campaign by teachers to get parents involved in contacting legislators about the issue. Some teachers believe the new law will help stem the flow of teachers from the […]

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5th Graders Offer TNReady Suggestions

A group of 5th grade students in Chattanooga offered suggestions on how to improve Tennessee’s failed TNReady test: The report was 14 pages and was mailed to Governor Bill Haslam in an attempt to influence the state’s decisions on testing going forward. This project, by the way, is exactly the type of project-based learning that […]

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In Defense of Public Education

Kansas State Representative Don Hineman offers his views on the latest attack on public education in that state. He’s standing strong against a voucher/subsidy program that would siphon up to $300 million a year from Kansas public schools. He writes:   Now a much greater threat to public education has been proposed as part of […]

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