Hawaii Cans VAM

Last week, the Hawaii Board of Education decided to move away from the use of student growth scores (value-added modeling, or VAM) in teacher evaluations.

From the press release announcing the change:

The significant changes to Policy 203.4, Teacher Performance Evaluation, are:
•Remove student test scores as a required measure of student learning and growth;
•Provide additional flexibility in weighting of components of the evaluation.

“These changes allow for flexibility and are the result of continuous improvement, analysis and collaboration over years,” stated ​Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi. “We will continue to focus on supporting the development of our teachers and advancing student learning.”

“Discarding standardized testing in teacher evaluations will restore responsibility ​for learning to dedicated teachers and begin to reinstate respect as the core value around which educator assessment rotates,” said Corey Rosenlee, HSTA president. “We can now focus on the student centered purpose of evaluation systems and create pathways for better communicating and implementing that shared goal.”


The Absurdity of VAM

Unreliable and Invalid

Some Inconvenient Facts About VAM

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