Ohio Schools Fight Back

A story in the Vinton County Courier out of Ohio details how public schools in that state are fighting back against the financial drain on their districts caused by charter schools.

The Vinton County School district has invoiced the state for $3 million, money it says was lost due to charter schools.

Here’s more:

For years, District Treasurer Erica Zinn has been charting out the funding “lost” to students attending charter schools. The state funding model takes student population into account (logically, a school with more students would likely receive more money than another school with fewer).

In other words: how much more money would the district receive if these charter school students had never left?

The combined amount since 2003 is just over $3 million dollars, according to Zinn’s numbers. The yearly amount has risen each fiscal year since 2013, peaking thus far at $459,690 in 2015.

So now, the district is asking the state to reimburse this lost funding as a protest. Many other school districts throughout Ohio have passed similar resolutions, including those in Gallipolis, Jackson, Wellston and Logan.

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