“A Deliberate Attempt to Avoid Tough Issues”

Tennessee’s BEP Review Committee, an arm of the State Board of Education tasked with making recommendations on the state’s school funding formula, left out a few items in its most recent report.

Chattanooga Times-Free Press reporter Andy Sher took note and wrote about the omission. Here’s what I had to say on the issue:

The new committee report drew a stinging denunciation from Andy Spears, a policy analyst who blogs about education. The panel met only twice in a six-day period, he said.

“Historically, it has been a multi-month process which included significant review and discussion of funding issues,” Spears said in an email. “This report makes no mention of the hundreds of millions of dollars Tennessee districts are shorted each year due to lack of adequate funding for BEP 2.0, school nurses, reducing class size and correcting salary disparities, among other items.

“In the face of lawsuits challenging the adequacy of the BEP, this year’s report seems a deliberate attempt to avoid tough issues,” Spears charged.

It’s time for the State of Tennessee to step up and meet its responsibility to our schools.

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