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Abusive Testing: Why One Teacher Resigned

Jo Lieb posted this letter on her blog last week. It’s from a teacher in Florida who resigned her position due to the abusive practice of over-testing. Among other things, the writer notes that the culture of testing is detrimental to especially younger kids and that in spite of a push for more tests, schools […]

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Taking on Payday Lenders

From consecutive posts this week at Tennessee Citizen Action: A recent article in The Economist highlights the high cost of being poor in America. From fees to cash checks to getting paid on prepaid debit cards that carry costly fees and yes, to accessing credit by way of high-priced predatory lending loan sharks. READ MORE And, pointing out one Tennessee Congressman […]

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Pre-K: A Key Piece of the Puzzle

Here’s what I wrote recently about the importance of investment in high quality Pre-K as one piece of the puzzle in overcoming the impact poverty has on education: That is, it’s not enough to simply provide an intervention that sends kids to Kindergarten ready to learn and that has positive benefits through first grade, our […]

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