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Of Thunderdome and School Takeovers

This piece appeared on Edushyster and follows the trials of a school taken over by Tennessee’s Achievement School District and handed to a charter operator. Last year, I reported on the latest education reform game﹘Thunderdome﹘being played in Nashville. In this version of school disruption﹘organized by the state’s Achievement School District (ASD)﹘two schools compete for the privilege […]

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Someone Hasn’t Been Paying Attention

I thought about titling this piece: “K12, Inc. still sucks” but thought better of it. Then, I thought, K12, Inc. does, in fact, suck. So, I’ve put it right out there. Here’s the thing: While many states already realize K12, Inc. sucks because they have sucked at providing virtual schools in those states, North Carolina […]

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