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Alabama Opens Door to Charters

The Alabama legislature this session gave approval to legislation that will allow the creation of up to 10 new charter schools a year and an unlimited number of charter conversions. As Alabama school districts consider whether or not to allow charters, they should consider a cautionary tale from Nashville. That is, the cost of charter […]

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A Systematic Attack on Public Schools

Last week, I wrote about the late session momentum and ultimate passage of legislation creating Education Savings Accounts for certain students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Following my second story in as many days on the topic, proponents of the accounts took the opportunity to “set the facts straight” on IEP vouchers. What I found […]

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IEP Vouchers in TN

Today, the Tennessee General Assembly’s House Budget Subcommittee passed an amended version of a voucher program for students with IEPs – Individualized Education Plans. The original bill would have provided an “education account” to the parent/guardian of any student with an IEP – $6600 to be spent on special education services, including schools, home schooling […]

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Connecting PD to Evaluation through PAR

That’s the suggestion from a pair of Kentucky teachers over at Kentucky Education Report. In discussing ways to improve the evaluation process, Kip Hottman and Angela Baker talk about the importance of connecting a teacher’s evaluation with her professional development. Too often, evaluation happens and then professional development happens, but there’s no real connection between […]

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