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Why Journalists Should Learn to Use Calculators

Not too long ago I wrote about this study by Raj Chetty and associates that purported to indicate that through the use of value-added modeling we could determine a lot about a child’s future income based on his or her teacher. That is, teachers with high value-added scores had significant lifetime impacts on their students as […]

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Celebrate … and Proceed with Caution

That’s the word on the recent call by the Gates Foundation for a moratorium on attaching high-stakes consequences to standardized tests as states transition to Common Core. In Tennessee, Professional Educators of Tennessee (PET) Executive Director JC Bowman welcomed the news that Gates is calling for a two year moratorium on the high stakes for […]

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Haslam on Education — The Rhetoric Doesn’t Match the Reality

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has been getting some positive attention lately for remarks he’s been making on the issue of income inequality.  Rather than ignore it, Haslam suggests, Republicans ought to address with proposals around improving public education, for example. ChalkbeatTN has this story on Haslam’s remarks: “It’s hard to argue with the fact of […]

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Some Notes on Testing

Recently, I’ve read some interesting work on standardized testing and some challenges that don’t just oppose the standardized test as the primary means of assessment but also offer viable alternatives. This is a shift in a debate that for the last few years has been focused on why standardized tests are ineffective or inadequate.  Now, arguments […]

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